Iron Man Chaotic Volume 1 Issue #2 Is the first of 10 comic issues added to the Iron Man Chaotic series. The issue was written and made by F.F.X. Studios. Iron Man Chaotic Volume 1 Issue #2 follows the events after the death of Aldrich Killian in the movie Iron Man 3, and is the sequel and or next issue after Iron Man Chaotic Volume 1 1.


Stark flies back to New Malibu where he investigates security footage on nearby buildings on where he had encountered the armors. Tony running scans on each video file to see any facial matches on the criminal database but after hours of searching, nothing came up suspicious in the results. Jarvis then alerted Tony that there were 2 rogue armors approaching his mansion from the north. Stark, with only one decent suit to fight, uses the Mark 1 to engage in battle.

Minutes past. The armors arrived in front of Stark's mansion. Stark asking questions and what do they want with him. The armors did not reply in anyway. Just before he was about to ask another question, The Mark 8 (One of the 2 suits that arrived, along with the Mark 19.) Fired a missile straight towards Stark which in the perfect timing, did not affect him because of the Mark 1 PBDA. A fight broke lose, and New Malibu was turned into a war zone. Stark did not notice anything changing but after a few minutes, he did. Numerous armors started to appear from all directions. Slowly, Stark couldn't take the damage and had to retreat inside a bunker located inside his mansion.

Tony barely escaped the controlled armors, but this was his only opportunity to strike back. He thought of ideas such as calling in the Avengers, or the M.I.A.R. But at the moment, it was too late to do so. He then thought of creating a new armor. After all, he created the Mark 8-42 inside that same bunker. Hours passed and Tony was ready.