The Mark 6 or also known as Solar was a suit built by Tony Stark during the events of the comic: Iron Man Chaotic Volume 1 8. The suit was designed for super extreme heat temperatures such as its maximum capability of 2,000 degrees celsius.


The Mark 6 featured an orange and gold pain scheme. Since its capabilities go to extreme heat temperatures, most of the armor include heat resisting platting and most ventilation entrances and exits are located all around the entire armor.


The armor includes the normal repulsors on each hand but with an additional weapon. The Solar Charged Repulsor is a weapon designed specifically for the Mark 6 only. Since the armor undergoes extreme heat,it is absorbed by the platting which gives the Solar Charged Repulsor energy to fire. The Solar Charged Repulsor does 7 times the damage than the normal repulsor.

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