Terra Stark
Vital statistics
Position Hero
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'3
Weight 215lbs

Terra Stark is the daughter of both Tony and Pepper Stark and is the new Person operating the Iron man Suit in IronMan: A new Hero and the Movie The Avengers: A New Team.


Early LifeEdit

After the events of Iron Man 3 Tony and Pepper decide to have a child and with that Terra Michelle Stark was born and has lived a happy life with her family and has learned alot from her father and spends alot of time with him in his lab.

Hero dutiesEdit

IronMan: A new HeroEdit

With her father retired from hero duty its now up to his daughter to keep New York safe from evil and with the help of her friends May, Jason, James, and Julie they're keeping the city safe from evil and being watched by the mysterious orangization Shield.

The Avengers: A New TeamEdit

Suits of the IronmanEdit

Mark 42Edit

Hulk BusterEdit




Background InformationEdit