The Invincible Iron Man: Animated Series is an animated series about Iron Man.


Tony Stark returns to university after escaping in an Iron Suit in Afghanistan. but after his graduation Tony becomes The Invincible Iron Man after building other suits and fighting crime.

Season 1Edit


Tony Stark is rich, everyone has heard of him. But he is captured in Wong Chu's camp while in Afghanistan Tony Stark was not alone in prison. but he was with scientist Ho Yinsen. Tony builds an armor out of spare parts and escapes.

Episode 1Edit

Tony Stark walks in a grey-metal suit in a windy day in Afghanistan. Then he returns to university, the day of his graduation. But after The Class Tony gets bullied. But Tony's metal backpack could transform into a red and gold Iron Man suit. After the battle his suit was damaged but Tony didn't really care. He just returned to his Malibu mansion.


  • Marc Worden as Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • TBA as university teacher

Iron Man ArmorsEdit

  • Iron Man Armor MK I
  • Iron Man Armor MK III

Episode 2Edit

Tony and Pepper Potts discuss about the graduation. they mention about Tony's friend Rhodey, a character known as War Machine in the comics, Tony arrives in his armory to don the Golden Avenger MK II armor, and his A.I J.A.R.V.I.S tells him a happy graduation. Tony goes out to bring down one of his foes: Ultimo. while flying to battle his robotic foe Tony cuts a wire in Ultimo but doesn't overpower but rerises but Iron Man shoots a rocket causing Ultimo to explode. Tony gets back to his mansion with Rhodey and when he returned Tony constructed a new red and gold armor in his armory based on his MK III backpack armor.


  • Marc Worden as Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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